Executive Sevices

Accounting and Financial

Tax Magnifier

Executives, Key Employees, Salespeople and other highly-compensated individuals

  • Stock Option (ISO and NQ), Restricted Stock, ESOPs and other stock related compensation packages-Tax planning and consulting to ensure the most tax efficient exercise of these hard earned and potentially elusive compensation items.
  • Planning to manage the impact of the alternative minimum tax (AMT) on the exercise of your options and to advise you on the potential tax pitfalls related to the timing of the exercise transaction.
  • Planning for estimated tax payments to maximize the investment return on your money.
  • Tax planning to claim all available deductions associated the earning if taxable income, including vehicle, meals and entertainment, travel, office in home and other unreimbursed  items;  particular emphasis on the impact of the AMT on your overall tax liability and audit risk.
  • Consulting to minimize the tax effect of all other unique compensation packages that key employees are offered.

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